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Operations Center

Operations Center
Launch of Operations Center

Operations Center was launched that affiliated to the Department of Disaster in Kuwait Red Crescent Society on July 19, 2012

Importance of the Operations Center

Establishing the Operation Center affiliated to the Disaster Department of the Society to emphasize the readiness of the Society during the preparedness phase, where data acquisition is the most important element in it, as a prelude to disaster response, aims at providing an integrated database for the decision maker / Board of Directors about the disaster (natural, environmental, or armed conflict) include the initial assessment and the urgent needs of the affected community or country.

Coordination and Work Mechanism

The Center associates memorandum of understanding and cooperation with international organizations and networks specializing in monitoring and responding to disasters, where the center of which is keen to take advantage of international technology and human expertise in obtaining accurate information to enrich its database, which contains the base to monitor a huge includes all types of natural disasters, which include, for example (floods, earthquakes, landslides and floods, and the activity of volcanoes and exotic objects approaching Earth’s atmosphere, its speed and duration and other natural disasters), in addition to environmental disasters and continuing humanitarian crises such as lack of food security and epidemics, with coverage of the unrest and armed conflicts through the data on the health conditions and social and food to affected communities.Disaster Monitoring Phase represents the first step , which the Center is keen – through memorandums of understanding with hardware and specialized international and national organizations – to monitor the disaster to get the data throughout the day 24 hour/7 days a week.

There are various of these devices including the bodies of geological surveys and specialized centers of disasters and emergencies related in turn with global networks and international organizations and agencies, in addition to monitoring centers and declaration Tsunami danger, and subscription sites that allow the center throughout entering the coordinates of sites stricken to get a more accurate picture for broader outlets nearby and threatened areas to facilitate the decision-making for the conduct of humanitarian relief campaigns,to be followed by the stage of cooperation and coordination through the membership of the Center Director via the teams of international response and network managers of disasters around the world, to get the instant reports of the disaster, which include the initial assessment of the effects of the disaster and the extent of the damage and aid requirements. This is done through coordination with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the Office of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations and other specialized agencies.

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