Kuwait Red Crescent Society


Public Relations & Media

Public Relations & Media

The Information Department plays a fundamental role in information awareness by manifesting all the Society’s activities in the various audio-visual and printed media. The Department publishes news and activities of the Society, and follows up everything published in the media about the Society’s news on daily basis and keeps them in a special archive.

The Department compiles weekly reports on all the news activities published on the cultural and media scale. It prepares visits programs for all the Society’s guests, covers their visits in the media, in addition to media participation with the entities requesting so from the Society and furnishing any entity with all the media releases issued by the Society.

The Department follows up all the media releases issued by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and presents a summary for everything of interest to the Society, as well as publishes booklets and posters on the Society’s activity and publishes Kuwait Red Crescent Society Magazine and its supervision in terms of editing, production, printing and distribution, in order to reach all the official authorities, societies, private local authorities, the Federation’s societies, members and relevant bodies.

Further, the Department prepares the archive of media material and archive for all photographs of the various events and activities.

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