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Medical Services Training

Medical Services Training

The Medical Services and Training Administration (MSTA) is divided into two main internal departments, training and medical services.

Training Administration

This department designs special programs to train the new volunteers coming through the Youth and Volunteers Administration at the association. The volunteers are given training courses on first aid, safety measures, and firefighting under the supervision of expert trainers in the specified fields. This ensures that our volunteers are well equipped and qualified. If volunteers choose to further their training, the Ministry of Health provides them with the needed courses.

KRCS receives individuals from other institutions and companies, who are not members of the association, to train on first aid, fire extinguishing, and security and safety measures. KRCS also cooperates with the International Federation on “First Aid Social Project”, a national effort to train citizens on hygiene, public health, water safety, food safety, motherhood, and AIDS prevention and treatment.

Also, the board takes charge of establishing and setting up emergency teams to accompany the Disasters Teams providing medical aid and help for the afflicted people abroad (Rescue and Aiding Missions). They also fulfill the demands and requested information of Red Crescent Organizations abroad in order to train their members.

The association cooperates with a number of chains and department stores in Kuwait through setting up a field office there for providing First Aid and medical care for the people there.

Medical Services Department

The Medical Services Department, along with the Training Department, provides urgent medical aid to inflicted countries. Aid includes medical supplies, equipment, ambulances, mobile and field hospitals in cooperation with the Disasters and Emergency Administration.

The department also aids individual patients who do not have the means to pay for medicine or other necessary medical procedures. This includes treating and prescribing medicines for diseases such as Hepatitis, heart disease, Atherosclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ear infections and diseases, hearing impairment, eyes illnesses, and cancers as well as other chronic diseases.

Furthermore, the administration has agreements with a number of pharmaceutical companies to reduce the price of medicines or give one free for each paid one.

The department also holds campaigns useful for raising and spreading awareness of specific diseases in addition to fundraising and directing these funds to fighting the highlighted disease of the campaign.

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