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International Relations and Projects Management

International Relations and Projects Management

The International Relations and Projects Management is part of the integrated working system inside the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, which is aimed first and foremost to strengthen bilateral relations in the humanitarian field between the Society and all countries of the world through continuous coordination with international humanitarian organizations, regional and similar national Societies working within the principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement to serve the most pressing humanitarian issues.

International Relations and projects management operates within the framework of treaties and international conventions through the membership of the Society in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross and Arab Organization of the Red Crescent and Red Cross societies on the international level and with the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Red Crescent Societies in the GCC on a regional level, reinforcing international relations through the permanent continuity of these institutions consolidated positions and services to numerous humanitarian Partnerships.

International relations and projects management is also a platform for the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and its window on the outside world through ensuring effective participation in the most important conferences and meetings and humanitarian activities that would enhance the status of the Society in international arenas and contribute to capitalize on its objectives as well as ensure the exchange of experiences and capacity building to keep up with Global challenges.

International relations and projects management operates under the directives of the Society’s higher management and in line with their vision as a collaborative to the Official authorities through continuous coordination with the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Diplomatic representatives abroad in the field of humanitarian work for coordination and follow-up on projects and humanitarian operations since the beginning of the crisis in coordination with the society’s executive and advisory departments to ensure compliance to the beneficiaries requirements within the vulnerable communities.Also responsible for the follow up on the most important humanitarian issues and receive emergency appeals in crisis times from international organizations or other humanitarian actors and prepare the necessary international reports to determine the form of assistance required and to ensure a rapid response by the executive departments.

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