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Restoring Family

As stated in decree No. 16 of the 25th international conference, national associations, as members of the international community, must play an important role in searching for missing persons, and reuniting families.

In this field, the KRCS aims at restoring links and communication among families and maintaining this communication. Also, it aims at revealing the condition of those thought-to-be-missing people as a result of natural disasters or other disaster cases which require the humanitarian reaction stated in the main principle and system of the association.

Through its activities, the association aims at improving skills, performance and reinforcing cooperation in providing the services of restoring family links in association with experts in the International Committee of the Red Cross. The following is a list of the most significant experiences and activities of the KRCS in the field of enhancing and developing the file and process of restoring family links:

Restoring family links in Natural Disasters

  • Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines (2013). Due to the deadly typhoons which the Republic of Philippines has experienced in recent history, KRCS is reinforcing cooperation with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait as well as the Regional Mission of the Red Cross to Arab Gulf Countries in addition to the Philippine Red Cross Society. This cooperation aims at providing services related to restoring family relations in favour of the Filipino community.
  • Nepal Earthquake (2015). Cooperation was established with the International Committee and a visit was made to the Nepalese Embassy to coordinate efforts in the search for missing people. A seminar at the International Committee was held for the Nepalese Community as well as aiding in filling the missing people form online. Also, a Missing People Form and Application was set up.

Restoring Family Links in Prisons

KRCS has set up a permanent office in cooperation with the Department of Correctional Facilities at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior which aims at providing the basic humanitarian services for prison inmates.

The association aims to restore family links by providing relatives with relevant information on rights and processes, providing inmates with pre-charged international SIM cards so they can communicate with their relatives and holding Iftar ceremonies to reunite families during the holy month of Ramadan.

  • Video Call Project: In association with the Department of Correctional Facilities at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, International Committee of the Red Cross and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, visual communication or video call communication has been activated for the inmates of the Central Prison so they could call their families in their home countries. The role of the association in this matter is to coordinate and transfer information between the Department of Correctional Facilities and the authorities in the countries where the inmates’ families are staying. It is worth mentioning that this visual communication project is the first of its kind in Kuwait.
  • Gulf Inmate Week: Since the association is constantly focusing on and caring for providing the humanitarian services for the inmates of the Correctional Facilities and constant cooperating with its board, each year the association takes part in the events of Gulf Inmate Week and it presents and gives presents and gifts to the participating people in addition to giving the inmates a chance to meet with their families and sharing the day with them.

Restoring family links for Immigrant Workers

As a part of its role in reinforcing and providing family links, KRCS established cooperation with the Foreign Labor Office at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. This cooperation aims at finding appropriate humanitarian solutions for issues facing foreign laborers.

Requests for Tracing and Finding Missing People:

KRCS receives requests from Red Crescent and Red Cross Organisations around the world regarding searches for missing people. As for missing people searches within Kuwait, coordination is established between relevant authorities who then inform missing people’s relatives of the results and outcome of the association’s searching operations.

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